Sep 13, 2007


         And so it is done. The dratted End Terms. The bane of every student and currently, those here. It was over in a flash. But the preparation seemed an eternity. At the end of it all, I don't remember a single thing I've learnt. All that I can recall are the innumerable teas and coffees, the pilfering of Dairy Milk bars, the air conditioning while taking the tests freezing your pee, the lack of it while mugging, the pointless discussions, the creative and unending stream of curses that flow between guys after the tests, the shirk of shoulders, the load of porn (Mom, I am sorry. I did not mean to. Or did I?) the teeny-weeny bits of shut-eye that we got, the smell of chicken Maggi and of course my girlfriend's occasional pep talk that does as much damage as a tanker on a flower bed.
         Anyway, it is done and over. I know it will come again. Viva, l'testis*!

PS: I am guaranteeing a better post next time. I was high when I wrote this. In fact, I have no recollection at all of writing. Sheesh. Which idiot will want to write exams? It is a prisoner's dilemma.

*ain't that the way how the French pronounce tests?


Anirudh Singh said...

sirpy....dude make me mug as much as u the next term!...;)

arshat.chaudhary said...

Girlfriend, porn, high....? u sure u doing an MBA dude?

Btw,loved this post...umm...i hope ur mom doesnt read this blog :)

Abhi! said...

Ah ! The relief after the first term is the best. Dont worry, second is a relatively lighter term. Third is worse than the first.
Enjoy now ! and yea, since you are back on campus

sirpy said...

@ anirudh singh



No she, doesn't and I will...:D


Ithu onnu solleedunga.. summa thaa..