Oct 22, 2007


      I had to do it. It was too sensational to resist. I am still recovering from aching ribs. The worst part was, I saw it the minute after I read the following headlines off an old copy of The Times of India, "VIRGIN STRIP FOR T-20 CLASH". My lecherous thoughts were betrayed their share.
      Anyway, here is what I actually saw. :D


Abhi! said...

This was on one of the NB's recently right ?

sirpy said...

Yup.. :D

Vaporizing Phantasm said...



-gap of 21 minutes and 2.4 seconds-

*wakes up*

*watches video again*

*applauds brilliance*

*bursts out laughing*

sirpy said...

Ha, miss/mister ever-elusive vaporizing phantasm, me too somewhat similar reaction.. :)

Vaporizing Phantasm said...


If you've been following my blog, you would have deduced by now that I'm female. The key to finding out who I am, lies, in reading my blog. and doing the DBab :)

love and squalor said...

I think the same person has a similiar video of daler mehndi's tunak tunak up on youtube.
if you've ever tried explaining to americans what one of the biggest indian pop stars was upto in the videos you'll know that, well, you just can't!